The Kansas City Steak Company // eCommerce Website Development
The original KC Steaks website was hard to navigate. It was even harder to place an order. Customers had to work to discover and select the right products and typically a call to customer service was made. 
A completely new website was configured that placed the customer first. Orders could be placed in 2-3 clicks. Products were easy to research and pricing was easy to locate and compare against other sizes and quantities. Visuals highlighted quality. Sitewide sales were easy to see. Discount codes were automatically added from email click-thrus and delivery dates showed shipping costs by day. New video learning and cooking how-to's gave customers a resource for perfect preparation.
Created in conjunction with Blue Acorn and iNetz
Home Page
KC Steaks redesigned website home page featuring an entirely new look and easier ordering process by Blue Acorn with Eric Schotland

The entire home page showcased a feature product, sitewide offer, select quick order products, top categories and social media links. 

Optimizing the Funnel
KC Steaks website redesigned home page showing how easy selecting products and purchasing can be. Created by Blue Acorn with Eric Schotland

The home page was built to feature product where quantity, size and price could be selected in one window and the item could be added to the cart for purchase. What normally took 4-5 page clicks became two.

Faster Checkout
Check out page in the KC Steaks redesigned website shows selected products organized by ship to names and by dates. Created by Blue Acorn with Eric Schotland

An easy to read check out page showing orders categorized by recipient, type and quantity of products ordered, order totals and delivery dates. One last chance to order additional products is offered before the sale is finalized in the next step.

Desktop and Mobile Environments
KC Steaks responsive website development
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