N8 Essentials Digital Marketing 
A relatively new startup, N8 Essentials is a health and wellness company specializing in manufacturing and selling essential oils and CBD products direct-to-consumer. The business also creates white label products for a variety of CBD companies.
Creating awareness to sell CBD products is difficult. Though the product is federally legal in all 50 States, marketing in the space is heavily regulated. Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and Google forbid using the terms “CBD” or “cannabinoid” in any ad copy. The same goes for executing SEO and SEM efforts. Regardless, there are still tactics available to legally reach audiences effectively.
A shopper-friendly website was created and promotions were executed through email, organic and paid social, paid search, SEO efforts, PR and informative content.
Getting into brick and mortar retail and big box locations became a priority to increase brand exposure. A branded “Wellness Center” endcap was created as a way to stand out in retail.
An Amazon store was built and promoted on platform. B2B business was gained through specific landing page and paid search efforts.
Website // Desktop and Mobile
Social Media // Instagram and Facebook with Store Catalogs
Product Email
Amazon Storefront
Retail Endcap Display
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