N8 Essentials // Social Media 
Social Media posts for N8 Essentials contain a mix of product promotion, how-to information and general interest about the outdoors and experiences that interest N8 Essentials customers.
KC Steaks // Social Media 
The Kansas City Steak Company social media strategy was reimagined to move away from a reactionary, pure selling environment to one that strategically highlighted special holidays and events that related to the brand and offered useful tips and product preparation videos from the company's cook team. Creative contests that asked for audience participation boosted engagement as well. 
In 2016 and 2017, Eric Hosmer (then KC Royals 3rd baseman) partnered with the brand. The #SteaksWithHos contest was born where 10 lucky winners were chosen each year to dine on steaks with Eric in a backyard setting. The contest became the most popular in the Royals 48 year history measured by entries. KC Steaks brand awareness escalated in part through this partnership. The social media campaign included video shorts and banners that were promoted through the KC Steaks, KC Royals and Eric Hosmer's Instagram and Facebook feeds. Engagement was so strong that the Royals highlighted the contest at their annual partner luncheon as an example for how to run a best-in-class contest​​​​​​​
KC Steaks social media
Steaks With Hos (Eric Hosmer) Campaign
Steaks with Hos instagram campaign with Eric Hosmer and KC Steaks
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