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The Fence Fan is a new sports related product created by a Kansas City-based startup. The company founder has kids who play sports and he realized that nearly every game he attended, there were uncomfortable chain link fences or rail fences to lean on. This spurred and idea that quickly became a series of prototypes and The Fence Fan (the ultimate leaning pad) was born. Much like stadium seat cushions made sitting in the bleachers much more comfortable, The Fence Fan makes leaning on spiky, hot fences and railings much more comfortable. Not only that, it has plenty of storage for phones, tablets, sunscreen, notepads and drink cups. Now, any sporting, concert or outdoor event is much easier to enjoy.
The Fence Fan needed a website, social media channel, content and ad development along with some basic branding and eCommerce solutions for a seamless customer path to purchase. The product is sold on Amazon and eventually through the website. Solutions to capture email addresses to grow the marketing list were incorporated through delayed special offer reminders and in the footer as well.  Traffic data information is configured into the website architecture along with Google Analytics. This information is easily ported to CRM software. 
The Fence Fan has been selected to appear on Shark Tank Season 12.​​
Website // Desktop and Mobile (showing email offer)
The Fence Fan digital marketing website and mobile home page
Website // Desktop and Mobile Development
The Fence Fan digital marketing website and mobile development
Logo Development 
Social Media Development
The Fence Fan social media development
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